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Words of Wisdom from Kim Wonders

Fall Regional Weekend can be a fun time to reconnect after summer! Catch up with old friends, sing around, and generally enjoy our shared hobby. This year, we were fortunate to have a new perspective from Master Director Kim Wonders. Along with her sense of humor and honesty, she shared some things that have helped her chorus be successful. She helms Metro Nashville Chorus, which has 45 singers on stage. Those details along with her impressive collection of jewelry (medals and pins and the like) really grabbed me from the start on Friday night.

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Music, Family and Music Family...part 2!

Looking back at my choice, I've asked myself, "Why didn’t I look for more mixed groups?

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Music, Family and Music Family

Growing up, music was always around in my house.  My parents had their record player and we would throw on a record on Saturdays- Bernstein’s Mass, Yes, or something else. It depended on whose turn it was to choose.  Other days, we would rifle through the CD collection and blast stuff- Queen, soundtracks, and more.  There was always a huge variety, and music seemed ever-present.  We had a piano, hopelessly out of tune, but it was ours.  That meant there was sheet music stuffed in the bench, and in other nooks and crannies.  Music was just part of the fabric of my life.

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