Becky King

Showmanship Director

Becky has enjoyed singing in Sweet Adelines since 1986, when she joined the Merrimack Valley Chorus.  In addition to singing with the chorus on the risers, she has enjoyed performing in a few fun quartets.  Becky has been active in various leadership roles since  joining the MVC board of directors in 1987.  For many years she held the positions of finance coordinator and team coordinator.  In 2012, Becky was promoted from assistant to tenor section leader, and she also took on a new role, showmanship director.

Becky is also a member of the North Atlantic Region 1 board of directors and management team, serving  as finance coordinator, and was the region’s Young Women in Harmony coordinator for several years.

Becky works full-time as controller for a generator service company.  She earned a BS in Accounting from Clarkson University and an MBA from Boston University.  Becky and her husband Ken live in Canton and have three children who grew up knowing that Thursday nights belonged to mom and chorus.  Becky and Ken enjoy traveling, skiing and attending concerts of all musical genres.

The friendships and opportunities for serving others have kept Becky active all these years.  She also expanded her love for singing on the risers, contributing to the beautiful harmonies and entertaining performances MVC gives its audiences.