I have enjoyed singing with MVC for 4 years now and am still engaged with this fabulous group of gals!   There have been numerous opportunities to get acquainted with new friends and communities outside my own.  Recently we reached out to the community of Lowell at the Lowell Folk festival.  There we joined forces with a men’s Acapella group, The Gentlemen Songsters, to inspire passers-by with musical four-part harmony.  We might have recruited a few new voices! 

In addition, this week one of our beloved quartets, Soundscape, will sing at a local ball game, The Fisher Cats game in Manchester, NH!  How fun is that!

We also reach out to those unable to travel to our performances by singing at nursing homes and libraries.  It is a joyous experience to honor our elders with songs from their era and watch them travel back in time to “the good old days.” 

The beauty of this chorus though, is that we don’t get stuck with only one genre of music but incorporate contemporary songs also, to mix things up and keep us all engaged in this art form.

Another first for our chorus is happening this summer and it’s called Champ Fest!  We are all learning 2 new songs to add to our repertoire.  Once we get our notes down, we will split the chorus in half and “compete” with each other on our presentation and vocal skills.  Champ Fest will be conducted “all in good fun” and harmony and we are so excited to be honored with guest judges: Lisa Giorgio, Assistant Director Harmony on the Sound (HOTS); Chrissy Bosse, Assistant Director HOTS; and Terry Neil, Director Profile Chorus. No doubt, we will celebrate heartily after Champ Fest!!

There are so many creative members in Merrimack Valley Chorus, and it makes for an interesting and stimulating weekly activity.  Come check us out, you might get the Sweet Adeline bug, and become a member for life!